Department of Electronics Engineering


Electronics and Communication Devices have become inseparable from us. From home to office, school to college, shopping malls to cinema theatres, smart phone to laptops, Flat TVs to superfast cars and rockets to satellites, everyplace or everything is connected or based on them. If you want to be part of this electronic euphoria, and wondered how these electronic digital gadgets and infrastructure are changing the human history and the way we live in, you could certainly be by joining an Engineering Course in Electronics and Communications.
Ideally, B Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) program aims to prepare you to play a leading role in research, design, build and market the next generation of electronic and communication products such as electronic automated devices, computers, and communications gadgets. At the end of the course, you can significantly acquire knowledge in design and development in Electronic Devices, IC Design, Microprocessor Applications, Analog & Digital Circuits and Systems, Satellite and Microwave Communication Systems, Mobile Communication, Fiber Optics Communication, System Software and Embedded Systems, which are the fundamentals of the electronic and communications world.

The best part is that, there are numerous opportunities to build a career out there. You could well be part of defense industry, telecommunications, embedded systems development, electronic and hardware manufacturing, VLSI design, software development, power sector, TV industry, music industry, automobiles, space communications, IT, home appliances development, electronic security systems, mobile phones testing and development, communication protocols development, optical communications development etc.

These diverse industries operate more or less similar across the globe; hence, aiming for a global career opportunity is also possible. With a little training about the chosen market’s working conditions and a solid theoretical knowledge about the sector, you will be able to break the ice in the global market.

Mrs. Senthil Lekha
Mrs. Senthil Lekha
Head of the Electronics Engineering Department