The Library aims to provide a user-friendly resource center for the Institute. In order to respond to the needs of both the courses and the curriculum, we are committed to an on-going programme of improvement, providing equality of access to a variety of resources, including books, National and International journals, Magazines and newspapers, for students and staff.  We aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive learning environment, one in which a passion for reading and a positive attitude to learning is actively promoted.

Every year the Library is Updated with complete Resources, as well the Monthly and Annual Magazines are been updated so as to facilitate with the current trends .

The Library is a fantastic resource where both students and staff can work and learn effectively as well as undertaking reading for pleasure. It is run by a Librarian, Mr. Ravi, and is open at the following times during term-time:

Monday                9.00 am   –   4.00 pm

Tuesday               9.00 am   –   4.00 pm

Wednesday         9:00 am   –   4.00 pm

Thursday             9.00 am   –   4.00 pm

Friday                   9.00 am  –   4.00 pm

Saturday              9:00 am   –  1:00 pm

Students sit during internal and external examinations to establish their reading level and then select a book from the Library which is at the right level for them; something that challenges their current skills, but not to the extent of being off-putting. Whenever they read and finish a book, students sit a test to assess they have understood what they have read.