Green Campus Initiatives

As per the direction of VTU, Green campus initiative activities are launched from August 2019 for the Academic year 2019-20.

  • To motivate student community on Environment Protection and Sustainability.
  • For disposal handling, Waste management activities are implemented in our campus.
  • Purchase of environment friendly supplies such as Napkin destroyer and vending machine.
  • NSS activities for an effective recycling program.
  • E-waste management is implemented.
  • Institute try to work out the time bound strategies to implement green campus initiatives.
  • Conducted programmes ‘Litter free day’.
Sl.No Name Designation  E-mail Id
01. Dr M.Sathya Principal
02 Prof. Abdul Hafiz Professor of Physics
03. Prof. Azeemulla Shariff Professor of Mathematics
04. Mr. Anand Kumar B Associate Professor & Head
05. Mr. Mohammed Mathenullah Sheriff Associate Professor & Head
06. Mrs. Senthil Lekha Associate Professor & Head
07. Mr. Mohammed Yunus G S Associate Professor & Head