Best Practice at Islamiah Institute of Technology

The aim of the practice is to encourage, motivate and appreciate the teaching, non-teaching and students of the college so that they can excel in their areas of expertise.

  1. The college is searching poorest of the poor and talented students and allotting seats in engineering without charging any fees. After completion of the course, they will be placed in suitable companies and all such students are leading comfortable life.
  2. Teachers are given training by  TOT Arise, QUEST ALLIANCE- Trainer and Educator certification Program funded by Altran.
  3. The college has launched Alumni Portal to connect with the alumni and utilize their services, like Guest Lectures, Internship opportunities, placements, etc.,  
  4. Parents meet are conducted to take the regular feedback about the progress of their ward and overall development of the college.
  5. NSS-Unit of the college has been very active in maintaining objective of Swachha Bharat Abhiyan. NSS volunteers  are actively involved in Making this Campus free from plastic and make this campus fit ecologically.
  6. The institute invites applications from all the classes for the Best class award. The committee evaluates the forms submitted by each class and declares the best Class whose score is maximum.
  7. The institute invites applications from the all the departments for the Best Department award. The committee evaluates the forms submitted by each department and declares the department having maximum score as the Best Department Award.
  8. The student who ranks first in the class is declared as topper of  the class, cash prize, Achievement certificates and momentos are given.
  9. To improve the knowledge in the subjects are encouraged to undertake group discussion, Quiz and other activities.
  10. The institute offers Services like Plant visit corporate lectures seminars project report publication, pre-placement talk. The innovation cell of the college takes care of all these activities.